Wednesday, April 7, 2010

in Interior Design

Design for fashion occurs in interior design when a design or fit out is done in a certain style for the wrong reasons. The client, or designer, like a particular style or trend and use it for it’s aesthetic and fashionable qualities rather than the appropriateness of the application. The problem with designing for what the client has seen in magazines is that once that style goes out of fashion they will no longer be happy with it, and it may become clear that it isn’t appropriate for the particular situation. This contributes to a high rate of re-fitting interiors which is an absolute negative in terms of satiability

The first half of the article found here at the Limperts academy of design website illustrates beautifully what is meant by a ‘trend’ in interior design.

The solution to this problem is client education. Although a client can not be talked out of what they want, it must be a designers duty to inform them that trends change and designing to them leads to quickly out-dated design.

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