Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ecotourism - Just another fashionable trend?

So we have discussed ideas relating to architecture, fashion design, furniture design and the alike, but what about having a holiday and staying somewhere which has considered all aspects of nature, the environment and sustainability? It is known as ecotourism here in Australia and although I have not heard much about this idea, it does seem like a fashionable trend at the present time with a lot of different businesses catching on.

There is an abundant amount of places listed on this website:

The accommodation is designed around living in harmony with the environment. The various amounts of accommodation employs the latest technologies available to sustainable design including the use of rain water tanks, solar power, self composting waste treatment, and are recognised for their low environmental impact approach.

While I do think this is a great idea, I do have to ask the question of, are we going through another fashionable trend or will it succeed in the future for years to come?

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