Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Everything old is new again…

The seasonal waste of fashion created by the fast moving fashion cycle is staggering. One fashion designer, Gary Harvey is creating a name for himself by recycling and reusing things that are no longer seen as fashionable. Once a designer for Levi’s Europe, and working with the likes of Vivienne Westwood and Comme des Garçons he is now a famous fashion designer in his own right for creating unique, vintage, couture dresses.

His first collection was shown at the Estethica exhibition at London Fashion Week in 2007 and was designed to try and change people’s perception of second hand clothing. He sources all his materials from second hand shops, where people may “…wear it one or two times then discard it because it's suddenly deemed aesthetically unimportant and out of date when there's years of life left in the garment.” For one of his most famous designs he took roughly 50 pairs of discarded Levi 501’s to create a unique, eco dress. His designs are interesting, quirky and show that something that has been discarded and thought of as unfashionable can be reborn and made into something beautiful. He also uses some less practical materials to create statements, like paper and cans.

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Harvey believes that all fashion in the future will become sustainable; he believes that this is because fashion can’t sustain itself if the industry continues at this current rate. This is not a bad thing to hope for, because if clothes are more sustainable the impact from the changing of seasons and fashion trends will be less

I think more designers can learn from him.

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