Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sustainable design: gone to the dogs.

Founded by dog lover and landscape architect Stephanie Rubin California based Greenrrroof is a company that produces something rather unique, sustainable houses for Dogs and birds.

They offer a number of standard as well as 'couture' designs and will custom design a house to the client's tastes and needs. These miniature pieces of architecture are lovingly hand crafted and allot of effort is exerted to ensure the homes and the safest option available for it’s occupant. They use red ceder wood that is naturally rot resistant even without treatment, recycled woods, bees wax water proofing and non-VOC paints and sealants.

An important feature of the Greenrrroof designs is the planted roof based off green roof systems used in houses. This feature provides a natural from of insulation and also filters rainwater channeling it though pipes to provide a source of water for the inhabitant.

This company is a great example of the beauty and quality that is present when real passion inspires design.

greenrrroof home
Residential Green Roof Systems
An Introduction to Indoor Air Quality, VOC's

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